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Our Vision

We’re pioneering a new era of real estate transactions and investment, leveraging blockchain technology for secure information sharing and verification, all while safeguarding your privacy. We believe in an Europe where everyone can invest in real estate without any barriers.

We are creating the most convenient, secure, collaborative and transparent way of transacting a property.


Digital Hub

We’re creating a digital workspace where real estate brokers and agents, and their clients, transaction coordinators, lawyers, notaries, and solicitors, can seamlessly collaborate throughout the home buying and selling journey. We simplify compliance, paperwork, and communication.

2024 - 2025

Hybrid Blockchain

Our groundbreaking solution empowers every actor in the ecosystem, enabling transparent, compliant, and automated transactions. ISO-certified and seamlessly interoperable, it serves stakeholders, including realtors, Credit Intermediaries, Municipalities, Tax Authorities, and Financial Institutions.

2026 - ...

Democratizing investment

Tokenization simplifies asset ownership, facilitates digital trading, and adds value through DeFi.

Smart contracts and automation democratize real estate investment, making it accessible to everyone, and bridging traditional finance with the digital world.

Our mission

What drives us

Our mission is to revolutionize the real estate mediation process, making it entirely transparent, secure, and automated. We envision our technology as a pivotal shift in the way the entire European mediation industry operates.

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