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How swift plans to bridge worlds through blockchain

By September 15, 2023November 30th, 2023E-Books5 min read

How swift plans to bridge worlds through blockchain

Tiago Dias15 Setembro 2023

Swift, the world’s largest financial infrastructure, achieves a groundbreaking milestone by seamlessly connecting multiple blockchains for global tokenized asset movement.

With over 11,000 entities across 200+ countries, Swift’s commitment to innovation shines through in its integration of public and private blockchain tech.

These efforts underscore the potential of existing financial infrastructure in blockchain integration, reducing friction in tokenized asset markets and enabling global scalability.

97% of institutional investors anticipate a revolutionary impact on asset management

👉 Cost reduction
👉 Enhanced efficiency
👉 Fresh investor opportunities through fractional ownership

Swift aims to shape the future of international banking with blockchain tokenization. The CCIP protocol facilitates token transfer across various blockchain networks, upholding open standards for enhanced interoperability.

Tokenization in international banking brings remarkable benefits:

✅ Ensures fraud-resistant transaction security.
✅ Cuts cross-border transaction costs and time.
✅ Enhances transparency to combat corruption and money

Swift emphasizes the need for enhanced data privacy and explores authorized public ledgers and privacy-enhancing technologies like zero-knowledge proofs.

Secondary Trading

Swift asserts that it will persist in collaborating with the financial community to discern more specific use cases for the adoption of tokenized assets. They anticipate that the most compelling case in the short term will be the secondary trading of unlisted assets(!) and private markets.

Key objectives(please see the figures in the e-book):

1️⃣ Unifying tech and business for seamless network engagement
2️⃣ Exploring Blockchain Interoperability’s value and adaptability
3️⃣ Proving secure, scalable blockchain integration with Swift

Swift’s successes pave the way for a global blockchain-traditional finance interoperability system.

In additional blockchain tokenization efforts:

▶️ In 2022: Tested tokenized securities on Ethereum’s test network.
▶️ In 2023: Established a blockchain innovation hub for finance tokenization.
▶️ Collaborating with the European Banking Supervisory Board (CEBS) on asset tokenization guidelines.

Swift’s work alongside its partners is poised to ensure that the platform is well-prepared to handle CBDC transfers and all forms of tokenization. Swift has been actively engaged in this project since 2022. 💥

“Our experiments have shown that Swift’s infrastructure can provide that central point of connectivity, removing a significant hurdle in tokenization development and unlocking its potential.” said Tom Zschach, Swift’s Director of Innovation.

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Tiago Dias30 May 2023
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