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Security and privacy of all documents
Unlockit guarantees the protection and integrity of the data shared on the platform through advanced encryption methods and secure servers similar to those used by banking or government institutions.
We protect your data as if it were our own
We guarantee the confidentiality of information shared on our platform through advanced encryption methods similar to those used by banks and government agencies.
Encrypted communications
All communications made through the platform between servers and/or clients are encrypted using HTTPS connections.
Data protection
Information shared through Unlockit is subject to an encryption process using a set of public and private cryptographic keys that guarantee data protection at all times during the process.
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Integrity and Authenticity
The authenticity of signed documents is guaranteed only if their integrity is assured. At Unlockit, all signed documents come with a digital certificate that audits all the steps of the process, validates the identity of the signatories and guarantees that there have been no subsequent changes to the signed documents.
Audit Certificate
Unlockit's security processes ensure that all interactions with the platform are recorded in a digital audit certificate. This certificate guarantees, through the use of timestamps, the integrity and immutability of all documents signed through Unlockit, since it is possible to detect any changes made to the document subsequent to the signatures.
Identity validation
To validate the identity of all signatories, we use facial and biometric recognition technology to unequivocally associate the identity of the signers with the documents they sign. This technology attributes an additional level of security and integrity to Unlockit's process and it also comes with a digital certificate.
Privacy and Confidentiality
The privacy and confidentiality of our users are very important to us. Not only because the (EU) regulation 2016/ 679 which defines the GDPR imposes a set of legal obligations, but also because we believe that trust is a valuable asset and is at the core of our business.
Signatures and personal documents
To minimize the risk of privacy breaches, all signatures and evidence collected during the biometric identity validation process are deleted from our archives. Only the digital certificate associated with each process is kept.
Personal data collection
All users are required to give consent to the collection and use of personal data for the purposes strictly necessary to successfully complete the process.
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