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What is Unlockit?expand

Unlockit is a technology startup and platform that improves the real estate business experience. The Unlockit application digitizes, simplifies, and makes the process of real estate contracts more agile, fast, and secure.

What are the advantages for consultants and mediators?expand

More time for what matters, less travel and reconciliation of schedules. More secure with fewer face-to-face meetings in pandemic times. More agile and environmentally friendly by avoiding multiple paper copies of the same contract. Convenience of being able to access contracts from any device, ensuring that all parties are signing the most up-to-date version of the contract or document.

What are the advantages for the final consumer?expand

Convenience and flexibility by signing contracts where and when it is most convenient for you. More time, don't stop your life to sign property contracts. More secure with fewer face-to-face meetings and less risk of contagion in pandemic times. More agile and environmentally friendly with digital centralization of contracts, ensuring that the most up-to-date version of the contract is within a click's reach.

What is a digital signature? Is it legal?expand

The official definition:
A digital signature has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature. A digital signature has associated digital certificates that unequivocally ensure the identity of who signs a digital document. The Portuguese State guarantees certification of digital signatures made with Citizen Card or Mobile Digital Key (CMD).

Are digital signatures and digitalised signatures the same thing?expand

No. Digital signatures have an associated certification and encryption process that guarantees them a legal validity equivalent to in-person signatures. On the other hand, a digitised signature is simply obtaining an image, by means of a camera or other image scanning device, of a person's civil name and handwritten by that person. It cannot be used in place of a digital signature (see What is a digital signature? Is it legal?).

What is identity validation? And biometrics?expand

It is the process of recognizing the identity presented by a person. By presenting an identification document (e.g., Citizen Card) containing one or more biometric data (e.g., face photo) it becomes possible to compare these biometric data with the information obtained at the moment (e.g., using the image obtained by the device's camera together with a relevant trait verification algorithm).

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