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Simplify regulatory tasks easily

Unlockit is the first platform in the real estate market that guarantees compliance with best practices on our platform, respecting the General Data Protection Regulation, the Money Laundering Act 2018, and the European Union Regulation for electronic signatures (eIDAS).

Types of


The different types of e-signatures provide different levels of security, legal protection and ease of use.

National IDs
Other qualified digital certificates

Vídeo ID
Face-to-Face Recognition

Main differences between

Advanced vs Qualified
Electronic Signatures.

Main differences between

Qualified vs Advanced
Electronic Signatures.

Real estate market

Simplify your life.
Save time and money.

Using CMD (Chave Móvel Digital), National ID (Cartão do Cidadão) or other digital qualified certificates is more than an advantage to you. You no longer need to recognize your signature. It is the state that recognizes it automatically.

For whom


Things you can do with

Professional atributes
Qualified Signatures
Public Admnistration Services
Bank Account Openings

Security & Confidentiality

Move fast and do not break privacy

We safeguard your data as if it were our own. Unlockit ensures the protection, security, availability, and integrity of the data shared on the platform throughout the entire transaction process while automating your compliance.

Encripted communications process

We implemented a policy that are automatically and uniformily enforced, and we also built-in an audit reporting funactionality that provide real-time tracebility to everyone, to assure that the data is secured, privacy is protected and compliance is met with all legal requierements.

Data protection

We are the third party that ensures that RGPD is respected. Unlockit defines and enforces how data is protected, who may acess specific data, and what format data will take when acess is granted, depending on the configurations of an user(inrestricted, partially masked or fully restricted).

Electronic signatures

To minimize the risk of privacy breaches, we guarantee that the process of signing sequencially digitally a document, with a lot of participants is secure, immutable, transparent and the most reliable in the proptech market and ecosystem. We built a premium and secure experience for you.

Secure integrations and workflows

We developed this security and compliance solution that Integrates smoothly with your CRM, back-office or cloud. We are the enabler that were missing and the change maker that has the purpose to conect the market in a innovative way. Security is our number one core value.

Security & Confidentiality

Integrity & Authenticity

Identity Validation

Unlockit has implemented a robust verification and validation process to ensure the identity of users during document signing or platform authentication. We ensure that the identification process is reliable, confirming the presence of a genuine individual behind each action and verifying their claimed identity. This aspect holds significant importance in fraud prevention, as detecting false identities is often the most effective approach to minimizing potential harm to your organization during digital transformation. Change your company culture and be one of the innovators.

We also provide the service of identification and authetication of the Portuguese Government.

Audit Certificate

Unlockit’s security processes ensure that all user interactions with the platform are recorded in a digital audit certificate. Additionally, all events that occur during a real estate transaction process are also documented, allowing everyone to have a comprehensive understanding throughout the entire process.
In addition to ensuring the integrity of the signed document, an additional audit document is provided, describing the events that took place during the entire transaction process. In short, when a transaction is completed, a comprehensive audit report is generated, detailing the complete and detailed history of the transaction.

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