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How swift plans to bridge worlds through blockchain

Unlockit is bringing innovation to one of the world’s most traditional markets…

Tiago Dias15 Sep 2023

Jobs to be done

Jobs to be Done is a framework proposed by Clayton Christensen, and is centered around the idea that “People hire your product to perform a certain job they need to get done“. This framework puts the user’s problem and context at the center and then helps us understand their thought process to find the correct product to address their need…

Unlockit13 Sep 2023

7 Secrets Benhind Unlockit's impact on Society

We are transforming the real estate mediation process into something transparent, secure and automated. “Our disruptive approach has the potential to change the way the whole industry works and how people perceive a real estate transaction…

Tiago Dias30 Aug 2023

The New European Digital Horizon

Let’s collaboratively shape better societies and democracies…

Tiago Dias22 Aug 2023

The perfect fusion of collaboration, verifiability and information accessibility

The fundamental truth of blockchain technology lies in its ability to bring about a change in human behavior through internet-based collaboration and secure, democratic data sharing and access…

Tiago Dias26 Jul 2023

“Unlocking knowledge”

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