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Change before you have to

What if you and your team could manage any transaction in just one place? One day or day one? Your decision. Your differentiation. Your gains…

Tiago Dias21 Mar 2023

Digital Strategy for Real Estate Brokers

Facing another year of uncertainty and tight budgets, teams are working with are focusing on tools that help reducing costs, risk and drive ROI immediately…

Unlockit15 Mar 2023

The takeaway from Digital Signatures

Estonia, that small European country on the shores of the Baltic Sea, is currently the world reference when it comes to digital public administration. They are the example to follow when it comes to how a democratic state, really focused on the citizen, should provide its public services completely digitally and with guaranteed security. Of the 1.3 million Estonians, 98.2% have a digital citizen’s card that gives them access to more than 500 government and public services…

Tiago Dias07 Dez 2022

How Blockchain technology will change the real estate market

At the end of the last decade of the 20th century, there was the innovative and visionary idea that one day all companies would have to take the decision to adopt the internet and make their entire business digital, and many, to their sorrows, distrusted and ignored this plan. Many, much later, realized that they had made a capital mistake and, as history tells us, many companies, comfortable with their status quo at the time and dominance of the market in which they operated, struggled to reposition themselves and even some practically disappeared…

Tiago Dias07 Sep 2022

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