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Unlockit is a cloud-based platform that intends to simplify and streamline real estate transactions.

We offer you a technology capable of saving up time so you can be focused on what really matters: closing more deals.

The platform

A seamless, secure and more transparent premium experience

We are building an open transaction management software where the community can come together to effortlessly collaborate through the home buying and selling process by simplifying compliance, papperwork and communications.

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Make real estate transaction
process easy.

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Open and colaborative
document management

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Asynchronous communication

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What you need to know


What is Unlockit and what are the advantages of using it?

Unlockit is a Portuguese technology start-up focused on improving the experience of a real estate transaction by bringing together all parties involved. Unlockit is the first open and colaborative platform in Portugal that ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regime (GDPR), the Anti Money Laundering effort (AML) and the European regulation on electronic Identification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS) in electronic transactions.

What are the advantages for agency owners (Brokers)?

Increases the productivity of your agents by making transactions more collaborative and easy to manage, in real time, from anywhere.

What are the advantages for real estate agents?

All of your customers’ documentation is secure and only on one platform. Agents can reduce numerous operational costs by avoiding unnecessary displacements.

What are the advantages for buyers and owners?

Security and speed throughout the process, whether in managing or signing sensitive procurement documents between participants.

What is a digital signature? Is it legal?

The digital signature can legally have the same value as a handwritten signature when associated with qualified certificates of electronic signature. In these circumstances, authenticity, integrity and unambiguous identification of the signatory(ries) are guaranteed. In all businesses for which the law requires a written and signed document, a qualified digital signature may be used. The Portuguese State, like others in the European Union, guarantees the issuance and distribution of qualified digital signature certificates through the Citizen Card or the Digital Mobile Key (CMD)

What is the difference between digital signatures or scanned signatures?

Electronic documents signed with a qualified digital signature have the same value as a paper document with an autographical signature, ensuring unequivocally that the person who signed the document is the signature holder, that there was an intention to sign the document and that the document has not been changed since it was signed. In the case of documents where only a scanned signature i used, the documents shall be considered as a copy of the original document, owning probative value only when the original can be physically provided and is autographically signed

Can sensitive documents with more than 3 signatories be signed?

Yes. The innovative signature experience at Unlockit ensures a simple, fast and secure process, whether for one or multiple signatories.

If the signatories sign autographically, does the process in Unlockit become incompatible?

No. Documentation management can continue to be done within the platform and thus comply with the GDPR. Security is always the image of Unlockit

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